Parents - It is time to order for Hot Lunch -  Round 2!  All orders and payments are due no later than WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25th.  No exceptions!Please be aware of a few changes for this ordering period (10/30/17-12/15/17). 

We have brought on a new vendor, Sunny's Landing (located in Brighton), who currently provides hot lunch for other Parochial schools and is a parishioner at St. Louis.  In place of Moe's on Tuesdays, Sonny's will be providing a hamburger or cheeseburger with a bag of pretzels and an apple.

In addition, you will notice when placing your DiBella's order you now have the ability to customize your sub! 

We have also added the option of an assorted sub (ham/turkey and salami).For your Panera orders, you will now receive a side of bread and butter instead of Gogurt. 

The line up will be as follows:
Monday- Pizza D's (Pizza)
Tuesday - Sonny's Landing (Burgers)
Wednesday - DiBella's (Subs)
Thursday - Pizza D's (Chicken Fingers)
Friday - Panera

As always, you are welcome to pay on-line for your order.  Following are the links:
Hot lunch order: 

On-Line Payment:

Thank you for your continued support of this program!
Kursten Jurs
Carmella Camarella
Laurie Aldred