C.A.S.E. Guidelines for All St. Louis School Volunteers

Creating a Safe Environment (C.A.S.E) is mandated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to ensure the safety of those most defenseless in our society, including our children and vulnerable adults.

Therefore, all parents, grandparents, and friends of Catholic schools who wish to volunteer or work with our students in any capacity (including Enrichment, Junior Achievment, etc.) at St. Louis School are required to meet the following guidelines:

For NEW CASE Volunteers and for  RENEWING CASE Volunteers:

  1. Read Volunteer CASE Training Instructions and complete the quiz.
  2. Complete the Volunteer Code of Conduct Form for the office.
  3. Complete the CASE Background Check Authorization for the office and provide a copy of your drivers' license, passport or birth certificate.

In addition to these requirements, all volunteers must continually renew their training in CASE, as determined by the Diocese of Rochester. CASE training is available online and requires a potential volunteer to contact the individual school. The Completion Certificate, Volunteer Code of Conduct, and CASE quiz results must be printed and brought to the St. Louis School Main Office.

For any questions regarding CASE training, including first-time users or renewals, please call Laurie Martin at 585-586-5675 ext. 222.