The lunch/recess period for grades K-5 is  40 minutes.


St. Louis School does not have a cafeteria.  All children eat in their classrooms.  Students bring their lunches from home. Our goal is to avoid calling home for forgotten lunches.  If parents bring lunches in to school, please label them with your child’s name and classroom and put them on the table in the front hall of the elementary building. Children are reminded to check that table when it is their lunch time. 

Special "hot lunches" are available thanks to the generosity of parents who give their time to make this happen.  The process for ordering hot lunch is outlined below.

Healthy snacks are encouraged.  Gum is never allowed on campus.  Candy is allowed in individual lunches, but may not be shared.

OPTIONAL HOT LUNCH PROGRAM: ***This will start in October 2021.  Watch Newsletter for Information***

Hot lunch is optional.  It is ordered four times during the school year.  You will be notified via the school newsletter and/or email when the system is open for orders.  Once it is closed, you will have to wait until the next order.

Orders can be placed using the link on the front of the website under NEWS.


Milk may be ordered and paid for at the beginning of the school year, for the entire year. Half pints of white, chocolate, or skim milk are available for purchase. 

Milk Order Form
It is never too late to order milk - a pro-rated rate of $8.00 per month/per child will be applied.  Please notify the office if you want to discontinue or change the type of milk.  Note:  Reimbursement will be honored only until the end of October.


School Aides and Specials Teachers have been assigned to each class in grade K5-5 to oversee recess and lunch. This allows the teachers a much needed lunch break.