Saint Louis School is excited to announce that its Lego team, The Eight Magneteers,  been selected from more than 40,000 teams worldwide as one of 20 semi-finalists advancing to the Ninth Annual FIRST® LEGO® League Global Innovation Award in San Jose, Calif., USA, June 30-July 2.  The team is being recognized for creating Magnetic Dodgeball, a game that combines magnets and microgravity to improve astronaut fitness, flexibility and mental focus.

At the award event, the team will spend three days collaborating with other student innovators from around the world. They will learn to pitch their solution to investors and showcase their solution to a judging panel. Three top teams will be selected for cash awards to further develop their solution. Before returning home, our students will get trained as Lego Innovation Ambassadors, so they can represent Lego and inspire others at local events.

To be selected is a rare honor and achievement - Saint Louis School is so proud of their innovation, creativity and teamwork!